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Online Public File Webinar Archived


If you missed MBA Hotline Attorney David Oxenford on Thursday, December 7 at 10am for his one hour webinar for stations that have not yet activated their online public file, there’s still a chance to hear and see it.

 On March 1, 2018, all radio stations (both commercial and noncommercial) will be required to have fully activated their FCC-hosted online public inspection file. Do you know what is required to be in compliance with the FCC rules?

On Thursday, December 7, David Oxenford and David O’Connor of the law firm Wilkinson Barker Knauer LLP in Washington walked folks through the documents that need to be in the online public file, which ones you need to upload and which ones the FCC has already added to the file, and how long the documents need to be kept in the file.  They also discussed common issues raised by the online public file, including its inspection by those interested in the political broadcasting process and the FCC itself, which has used the online public file to assess a station’s compliance with its rules.

Click here for the archived webinar.

Click here to download the powerpoint slides from the webinar.