The Manning Society recognizes excellence in broadcast sales.

Inductees into the Manning Society represent the top local broadcast sales people in the state.

The 2024 deadline for entry is May 23rd. 

The sales persons with the highest percentage increase over the previous year in radio and television are also recognized as the "Salespersons of the Year."

2023 MBA Salespeople of the Year and Manning Society Inductees

Television Salesperson of the Year:
Karen Anderson, Scripps, KTVQ-TV, Billings

Runner-Up Television Salesperson of the Year:
Marcelle Jones, Scripps, KTVQ-TV, Billings

Radio Salesperson of the Year:
Leslie Schipman, KMMR-FM, Malta

Runner-Up Radio Salesperson of the Year:
Dick Ivers, The Montana Radio Company, Helena

Super Sellers

Rachel Cottrell, KXLH/KTVH/CW-TV, Helena
Marcelle Jones, KTVQ-TV, Billings
Jody Rempell, KRTV/CW/KTGF, Great Falls
Debbie Schmidt, KXLH/KTVH/CW-TV, Helena
Robert Vaughn, KPAX/KAJ, Missoula/Kalispell
Marci Robinson, KBOW/KOPR/KGLM, Butte

Top Sellers
Karen Anderson, KTVQ-TV, Billings
Amy Breider, KWYB/NWYB/SWXBB, Butte/Bozeman
Shelly Gaertner, KECI/KTVM, Missoula/Butte/Bozeman
Lynn LaValley, KXLH/KTVH/CW, Helena
Jennifer Regan, KECI/KTVM, Missoula/Butte/Bozeman
Jeannette Tudsbury, KECI/KTVM, Missoula/Butte/Bozeman
Carolyn Buchta, KQTR/KYJK/KKVU, Missoula
LisaLee Cook, KGHL, Billings
Coni Ferch, Desert Mountain Broadcasting, Billings
Karen Gallagher-McCrummen, Townsquare, Billings
Scott Parini, KBOW/KOPR/KGLM, Butte
Heidi Starrett, KDTR/KYJK/KKVU, Missoula
Lacey Sullivan, Townsquare, Billings

Manning Society Recipients

Karen Anderson, KTVQ, Billings
Francene Archibald, KTVM, Butte-Bozeman
Amy Breider, KWYB/NWYB/SWX, Butte-Bozeman
Haley Bierer, KPAX/KAJ, Missoula-Kalispell
Rachel Cottrell, KXLH/KTVH/KTVH CW, Helena
Andrea Dean, KFBB/NFBB/SWX, Great Falls
Jim Fisher, KPAX/KAJ, Missoula
Shelly Gaertner, KECI/KTVM, Missoula-Butte-Bozeman
Lynn LaValley, KXLH/KTVH/KTVH CW, Helena
Jim McLean, KPAX/KAJ, Missoula-Kalispell
Jenny Neuteboom, KULR/SWX, Billings
Robert Nickley, KTMF/NTMF/SWX, Missoula
Jacqueline Rowson, KWYB/NWYB/SWX, Butte-Bozeman
Jennifer Regan, KECI/KTVM, Missoula-Butte-Bozeman
Cynthia Reiss, KWYB/NWYB/SWX, Butte-Bozeman
Jody Rempel, KRTV/KRTV CW/KTGF, Great Falls
Debbie Schmidt, KXLH/KTVH/KTVH CW, Helena
Rod Sharkey, KPAX/KAJ, Missoula-Kalispell
Max Smith, KFBB/NHBB/SWX, Great Falls
Debra Spranget, KHBB/NHBB/SWX, Helena
Jeannette Tudsbury, KTVM/KECI, Missoula-Butte-Bozeman
Robert Vaughn, KPAX/KAJ, Missoula-Kalispell
Tyler Wittelsberger, KPAX/KAJ, Missoula-Kalispell


Carolyn Buchta, KOTR/KYJK/KKVU, Missoula
Alexis Cain, Desert Mountain Broadcasting, Billings 
LisaLee Cook, KGHL, Billings 
Whitney Door, KIMO/KIM/KMTX/KBLL/KZMT, Helena 
Coni Ferch, Desert Mountain Broadcasting, Billings 
Karen Gallagher-McCrummen, KCTR/KKBR/KMHK/KBHL/KCHH, Billings 
Greg Gross, Desert Mountain Broadcasting, Billings 
Diana Helms, Desert Mountain Broadcasting, Billings 
Dick Ivers,  KIMO/KIM/KMTX/KBLL/KZMT, Helena
Greg Pace, KIMO, Helena 
Scott Parini, KBOW/KOPR/KGLM, Butte 
Marci Robinson, KBOW/KOPR/KGLM, Butte 
Leslie Schipman, KMMR, Malta 
Heidi Starrett, KDTR/KYJK/KKUU, Missoula
Lacey Sullivan, KCTR/KMHK/KBLL/KKBR, Helena
Rene Wimberly, Montana Radio Company, Helena