Montana broadcasters are committed to hiring a diverse group of individuals to work at their stations. Broadcasting is a fast-paced and dynamic industry that is continually changing. Careers in broadcasting can be exciting, unique and rewarding. As with all forms of business, broadcasters look to recruit qualified individuals looking to learn and grow with the changes of the broadcast industry.

Digital technology is quickly changing radio and television to the benefit of all audiences. Radio is joining the digital age and has become connected to computers and other electronic devices to form the next digital stereo system. Television stations have converted programming to a digital delivery system that has an astonishing clear picture quality.

Broadcasting encompasses all aspects of the job market today including marketing, public relations, engineering, sales, news, programming and management. These are the jobs that the next broadcasting millennium holds for the future.

Career Resources

Click here for general descriptions for jobs in radio or television.

Remember that each station is unique in its staff structure, and no two stations are organized in the same fashion. The size of a station and the market it serves often dictates the number and types of jobs available. These descriptions provide an overview of just some of the positions and responsibilities.


Visit the MBA Job Bank and put your name, face and resume online. This section of the web-page is designed to help you get your resume on-line so that MBA members stations that are looking for qualified staff will find you right away. Instant access equals instant opportunities.

Another way to learn information and make contacts is to network with broadcasters at various broadcasting functions. Visit the MBA Clinics/Convention page to learn more about upcoming conferences where you can attend and meet broadcasters from throughout Montana.

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