Walter Gregg

I have over 20 years in Commercial and Public Radio. I am searching for an operations position. I have been at my present job for 10 years. Plenty of studio trouble shooting experience and automation systems experience (mainly AudioVault).

KUHB-FM St. Paul Island, AK
Position: KUHB-FM Manager
Duties: Student training, Business management, Station imaging, HR, vendor relations, Computers (Microsoft office), windows, PBX phone systems, CPB, NPR, Content Depot, Windows based servers, Peripherals (printers, fax, etc.), EAS Equipment and Logs, Grant writing, Grant reporting, Payroll, VHF radios & Towers (RF), Insurance, Managing annual budget, hiring and training, Fundraising, Installation of new equipment, Photo Shop, Video conferencing, Web site management, Transmitter maintenance, Tower site management, Satellite receivers, Sales & Client Relations, Audio Vault, news letter creation, Public File, Microsoft Office, LAN, national and local underwriting, Membership drives, Membership retention, Human resource duties, Building maint. Promotions, Air shift, digital editing (Adobe Audition), Audio arts boards, Telos systems, satellite recording, grant writing, publish And receive bids for equipment and services, news, weather, Programming, sales, Station imaging, FCC logs and regulations, Sound Exchange, Payroll, vendor relations, monthly and quarterly reports for Our board of directors, attend monthly board meetings and Annual Alaska Public Radio Meetings, Strong leadership skills, Oversee all day to day operations.

KSKO – AM, - McGrath, AK

Position: Manager KSKO- AM (PUBLIC RADIO)
Duties: Station imaging, Computers (Microsoft office), CPB, NPR, Grant Writing, Grant reporting, Grant Management, Payroll, Insurance, Managing annual budget, Quick Books- non profit edition, hiring and training, HR, windows, LAN Windows based servers, Peripherals (printers, fax, etc.), PBX phone equipment, Installation of New equipment, transmitter maintenance, tower site management, Satellite receivers, Audio Editing (Cool Edit/ Adobe Audition), Video conferencing, Sales & Client relations, 1099 forms, Audio Vault, Content Depot, video conferencing Microsoft office, national and local underwriting, Membership drives, Human Resources duties, Building maint. Promotions, Air shift, VHF radios, EAS Equipment and Logs Engineering (RF), Digital editing, audio arts boards, satellite recording, grant Writing, publish and receive bids for equipment and services, station news letter, News, weather, programming, sales, Station imaging, FCC logs And regulations, payroll, vendor relations, monthly and Quarterly reports for our board of directors, attend monthly Board meetings and annual Alaska Public Radio Meetings, Strong Leadership skills, Oversee all day to day operations.

Key Broadcasting (Forcht Broadcasting) - Corbin, KY
Position: Operations Manager
WSIP- FM (100,000 watt country format) WSIP- AM (5000 watt news/ oldies format)
Duties: Sales, Budget creation, Microsoft office, windows, Windows based servers, Peripherals (printers, fax, etc.) programming for 4 stations, marketing, working Closely with sales dept., Scheduling, Monthly and quarterly financial reports, HR, Scott Studios Automation, employee management, vendor relations, production, cool edit pro, natural Music program, trade out deals for station give always, working With record companies, reporting station, FCC logs and records, PBX, VHF equipment, EAS Equipment and Logs, working with our engineering staff, tower site maintenance (RF). And security, traffic, sales- National and local sales, Studio to transmitter link maintenance, hiring and training new employees, Scheduling shifts, local and college sports, Purchasing and Installing new equipment, news, air shift, producing live Station events, strong management skills, production, station Imaging, live events, local public service events, Scott Studios, voice tracking, sound board operation, heavy phones, Station imaging, Sales, copy writing, audio equipment installs and maintenance, video conferencing (internet), trouble shooting Operating systems, promotions, news letter, and the ability to work well with Others. All aspects of station management.

Wisdom Media Group- Bluefield, WV
Position: engineer/ producer/ production
Duties: Satellite equipment operation, Sales & Customer relations, Training, Engineering, Contract writing, Originate live satellite Call in talk shows digital editing, transfer and edit live shows to DAT, cass. And CD, heavy phone work, sound forge, nexus, ISDN, computers, HR, IT, Electronics Repair, 2 way radio, Audio arts sound boards, comrex equipment, and voice over, Commercial and station promo production, operation of audio During live TV broadcasts, telos phone systems, PBX phone system, guest Screening, Scott studios, ENCO systems, Marti and Mosley remote Systems, (RF), cool edit, copy writing, windows, news letter creation, Windows based servers, Peripherals (printers, fax, etc.), trouble shooting and maintenance on broadcast equipment and more.

WELC Radio- Welch, W.V.
Position: announcer/ production/ programming
Duties: IT, Sales, Afternoon drive time air shift, sales, heavy customer Interaction, commercial production national and local, music Programming, Windows, Windows based servers (NT), EAS System and Logs, FCC Logs, Scott studios digital editing, traffic, Lan/Wan, VHF towers and transmitters (RF), HR, Peripherals, News letter production, power point, adobe suite, (printers, fax, etc.),Continuity, board operation, EAS, NASCAR (mrn, prn), voice over, Live call in oldies show, local news, Weather and sports, copy Writing, Arrakkiss audio components, phones, computers, live Remotes, sales, tascam digital recording equipment, production Of live in studio programs, WV college sports, FCC regulations, All aspects of the day to day operation.

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Phone: 907-546-4114