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    2014 Fall Sales Clinic and Manning Society Inductions

    Tuesday, September 16th, 2014

    2014SalesClinicPicThe Montana Broadcasters Association presents
    the 2014 Sales Clinics and Manning Society Inductions

    Sean Luce
    Liquid Fire: Double Oh! 7 Sales Seminar 2014

    September 16: Holiday Inn Grand, Billings

    September 17: Shoot the Moon, Great Falls

    September 18: Hilton Garden Inn, Missoula

    This Sean Luce seminar is educating and entertaining and sure to fill the seats!
    There’s humor, spice and some tongue-in-cheek action in a classic James Bond theme.
    Sales reps will learn from the Luce Performance Group:

    • How to creatively prospect in the current media world. Includes examples a rep can take to the streets right now and get an appointment.
    • How to find the real decision maker.
    • 7 Steps on an Opening Call and Closing Call.
    • How to calculate a client’s full return on investment (in retail) and also for Internet gross-impressions-based formats.
    • Selling digital platforms.
    • Actual creative sales ideas that reps can take to the street.
    • 10 Commandments of Negotiating.
    • How to really get referrals.
    • Body, mind and sales training.
    • Having fun at your company!
    • Sizzle for sure and a sales seminar that rises above the clutter - one your people will not forget.

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