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Arthur J. Mosby (1888 - 1970)

Inducted: 1996

Arthur J. Mosby

Art Mosby brought the first radio and television stations to Missoula. After receiving a license in 1930, Mosby constructed a transmitter from a diagram and parts list in an amateur radio magazine. It worked, and KGVO took the air in 1931.

In 1954, Mosby established KMSO-TV on Channel 13 in Missoula. Mosby also was instrumental in bringing the CBS Radio Network to Montana.

One of Mosby's early employees was Paul Harvey, who told his national audience on the day of A.J. Mosby's death: "He will be buried in the shelter of the white-fanged Rockies in the valley which he watered with his sweat and fertilized with his footprints through a fruitful lifetime."