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Chester R. Huntley (1911 - 1974)

Inducted: 1993

Chester R. Huntley

Chet Huntley, born in his parents' quarters in a Cardwell, Montana, railroad depot, became one of most recognized and respected news reporters ever to appear on radio or television. Raised on a sheep ranch near Saco, Montana, Huntley applied frontier values to his 37-year broadcasting career.

After two decades reporting for network West Coast outlets, Huntley was assigned by NBC to the 1956 political conventions where he began a 14-year association with David Brinkley. The Huntley-Brinkley Report won every award available to television news. Huntley's often controversial commentaries championed minority rights and attacked demagoguery and wrongdoing.

"Good night, Chet"/"Good night, David" became part of modern American folklore. His attitude toward his profession and his Montana roots was reflected in Chet Huntley's final broadcast: "Be patient and have courage--there will be better and happier news some day, if we work at it."