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W.L. “Bill” Holter (1923 - 2005)

Inducted: 2002

W.L. “Bill” Holter

Willard Lyle (Bill) Holter, a native of Hibbing, Minnesota, brought broadcasting to Glasgow and Malta, Montana, and improved it in Missoula, Great Falls and Helena. In 1954, Holter began selling Glasgow businessmen on the idea that radio was a productive advertising medium. When enough of them agreed, he put KLTZ on the air.

Holter's stations were always involved in their communities. Known for his aggressive news coverage in Glasgow, he "scared the hell out of the police department because I started reading their blotter."

Holter encouraged his employees to accept the "challenge of running a radio station in rural eastern Montana with the professionalism and quality of NBC in New York." They did.