Posted December 9th, 2021
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If you missed the Poynter Institute webinar on Battling Bias, there's good news. It's been archived. Here's what was covered.

Where do our biases come from? How do we recognize our own biases? Those are two questions that will be answered during the free webinar "Battling Bias" presented by the Poynter Institute. The one-hour webinar took place on Wednesday, December 8 starting at 10am MT. Other questions include:

  • Eight kinds of biases that can influence our journalism (these don’t make you a bad person, they mean you are normal) 
  • How biases influence who is in and out of our coverage 
  • How you can find new voices that will give you new insights, even on deadline 
  • How biases even show up in our Google searches 
  • The MOST likely place your biases might show up in a carefully crafted story

The webinar was offered by the Montana Broadcasters Association. CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE WEBINAR.