What is an NCSA?
An NCSA is a “non-commercial sustaining announcement,” a category of “spot” announcement recognized by the FCC and approved by the IRS.

NCSAs are available only to non-profit organizations and government agencies.

How Does It Work?
Montana radio and television stations have pledged air time to the MBA “time bank.” The MBA, in turn, makes this time available to sponsoring organizations at a deep discount. The MBA guarantees a minimum of four times a return on your investment in actual documented airtime. Many sponsors realize a far greater return.

Does My Organization Qualify for the NCSA Program?

  1. Your message must be of public interest and of benefit to the community.
  2. Your group must be a non-profit group or government agency.
  3. Announcements must be non-commercial and non-political.
  4. All NCSA copy must be approved by the MBA.
  5. All NCSAs are required by the Federal Communications Commissions to carry a sponsor identification.
  6. All television NCSAs that are funded (either for production or air) with federal funds must be close captioned.
  7. The NCSA program is not available to organizations that place paid advertising with other media.

Where and When Will My Messages Air?
Nearly every radio and television station in the state participates in the MBA / NCSA program. These stations have pledged their “best unsold airtime” to the MBA for your message. NCSAs run in all day-parts and air statewide. Following approval by the MBA Board of directors, the MBA places an order with each station. At the end of your contract the MBA provides a summary of station affidavits or “proof of performance” to the sponsor.

Who Uses the NCSA Program?
The following is list of recent NCSA participants.

  • Montana Army National Guard
  • U.S. Coast Guard
  • Montana Department of Transportation
  • Montana Department of Health and Human Services
  • Montana Relay
  • Travel Montana
  • Montana Family Education Savings Program
  • Energy Share of Montana
  • CA Counseling
  • Caring Foundation of Montana

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